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Transforming the Projection Viewing Experience
What is 3D?
3D Projection is a method of mapping three-dimensional (3D) points to a two-dimensional (2D) plane. For the human brain to interpret 2D images as 3D, each eye must be able to see a slightly different image. These images need to be separated in their viewpoint by approximately 60mm. The visual cortex of the brain would then interpret these two different images as three-dimensional, 3D.

There are three kinds of 3D viewing experiences:

- Anaglyph 3D: Anaglyph uses different color filters to produce two images within one picture.
- Polarized 3D: Polarized image separation is achieved by “polarizing” the light differently; the 3D   glasses utilizing the polarized technique filter the light so that each eye perceives an individual image.
- Stereoscopic 3D: The 3D experience from DLP Link. Images are generated in a frame sequential   format, which essentially alternates the left and right frames of the glasses. These “shutter” glasses   are synchronized with the image and turns on/off with each frame of data

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Vivitek 3D-Ready Projectors with DLP® Link™
Vivitek has a line of 3D-ready digital projectors with DLP technology; these projectors function as a regular 2D projector, but can be switched to play 3D content when the situation calls for it.

Partnering with Texas Instruments, and featuring DLP Link technology, Vivitek projectors seamlessly share data and content with the active glasses. This data sharing enables the projector to send 3D information to the glasses in between each frame of video to create the 3D effect, creating an immersive viewing experience.

However, to produce the 3D viewing experience, you will need other components along with your projector, including:

- PC with a quad buffered graphics card
- 3D media player
- “Active” shutter 3D glasses with DLP Link
- 3D content/software

Viewing 3D with a Vivitek 3D-Ready projector:

- Connect a PC/laptop to the projector via VGA cable (PC must be video-based w/quad-buffered, open GL 3D graphics card and   running Windows XP/7)
- Turn on DLP Link through the projector’s menu
- Enable “Stereoscopic 3D” from your PC/laptop
- Adjust the resolution of the display to XGA or SVGA at 120Hz
- Put on your pair of DLP Link based active shutter 3D glasses and experience 3D

Vivitek Projectors with DLP Link:

D510, D511, D512-3D, D513W, D530. D535, D536-3D, D537W, D538W-3D, D791ST, D795WT, D837, D851, D853W, D855ST, D857WT, D860, D861, D5000, Qumi Q2

Vivitek 2D-3D Projectors
Vivitek offers line of 3D projectors in India that will allow you to watch 3D content, as well as convert standard 2D content into 3D for a complete immersive experience. All the 3D processing power is built into the projector to minimize set-up time and compatibility issues.

Viewing 3D with a Vivitek 2D-3D projector:

- Connect 2D/3D source via HDMI to the projector. (Source can be a PC, game console, DVD/Blu-Ray™ player
  or a cable/satellite system)
- If using a 2D source, activate the 2D to 3D conversion application through the projector’s menu
- Turn on DLP Link through the projector’s menu
- The projector will then display 3D on you screen
- Put on your pair of DLP Link based active shutter 3D glasses and experience 3D

Vivitek 2D-3D Projectors:

D512-3D, D536-3D, D538W-3D
3D-Ready Projectors for Education
The innovators who captured the imagination of movie-goers in the theater with 3D technology are now bringing the same technology to students in the classroom. Nothing captures the attention of students like a 3D experience. With a 3D curriculum, teachers can create completely immersive environments in which students can learn more and retain that information for higher test scores.

Literally add a new dimension of excitement and accessibility to subjects by allowing students to feel like immersed in the topic at hand. With compelling 3D content for various subjects, including: Biology, Geography, Science, History, Math and more, teachers can bring their curriculums to new levels of “wow” in the classroom. In this immersive environment, students experience clear and complete visualization of difficult concepts and subject matter. 3D-ready projectors operate in standard 2D and 3D modes automatically and are virtually the same price as a standard projector.

Vivitek Education Projectors with DLP Link:

D791ST, D795WT, D837, D851, D853W, D855ST, D857WT


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